First, in CONVERGENCE: SUPERBOY #2, starring heroes from Zero Hour! Superboy and Kingdom Come Superman face off over Metropolis - Kryptonian Vs Kryptonian means a lot of collateral damage! Can these two find a way to work together before they end up destroying both their worlds? Find out in CONVERGENCE: SUPERBOY #2, written by Fabian Nicieza with art by Karl Moline & Jose Marzan – it hits shelves this Wednesday! Also, don’t miss out, CONVERGENCE: SUPERBOY #2 features a bonus sneak peek at ACTION COMICS! The epic new storyline “TRUTH” begins. For Superman, there’s no more holding back! Written by Greg Pak & Aaron Kuder. (Click here for a list of all the June sneak peeks out on May 13th!)


Then in STRANGE SPORT STORIES #3, Vertigo continues its take on the classic DC Comics anthology title for a third issue of strange, scary, sexy and sensational sports stories. Featuring story headlines: SHARKS VS MERMAIDS!, written by Monica Gallagher with art from Michael J. Dimotta, GOING NOWHERE… written by Brandon Montclaire with art from Natacha Bustos, LEAP OF GLORY written by Ben McCool with art from Darick Robertson & Rich Clark, and, lastly, THE MOST CURSED written by CM Punk with art from Andy MacDonald! Check out STRANGE SPORT STORIES #3 in stores this Wednesday!