Beginning with DC COMICS: DIVERGENCE (FCBD) on May 2nd and continuing week by week in the May issues of the CONVERGENCE miniseries, we’re including 8-page “sneak peeks” at the new and continuing titles arriving this June. This isn’t excerpted content, but all new, standalone stories that give a glimpse of what fans can expect after CONVERGENCE.

Not only will these previews be included in the monthly miniseries, they’ll also be available as free digital downloads day and date with the monthly books* at places like DC, Comixology, Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble and iVerse.  So with two different flavors available, we’re giving you a taste of what’s next and a head start on choosing your universe come June. Be sure to check them out!

*Sneak Peeks of BATMAN, SUPERMAN and JUSTICE LEAGUE from Free Comic Book Day will be available to read digitally on May 6th.

Here’s the lineup for the third week of sneak peeks; come back again next week for Week 4!

May 20th

CONVERGENCE: ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #2 features a bonus MARTIAN MANHUNTER story written by Rob Willams and illustrated by Eddy Barrows and Eber Ferreira.
J'onzz investigates the disappearance of a lunar mission and uncovers the beginnings of a planet-wide invasion of Earth by his fellow Martians, who he thought were previously all dead.

CONVERGENCE: BATMAN AND THE OUTSIDERS #2 features a bonus BATMAN BEYOND story written by Dan Jurgens and illustrated by Bernard Chang.
Tim Drake, in the Batman Beyond suit, has been thrown 35 years into the future. This new world he's exploring is a mix of the animated series world and the legendary Great Disaster world. Brother Eye will be the villain of the first arc, defeated at the end. The second arc will feature the return of the Justice League Beyond, and more bizarreness from the Great Disaster world.

CONVERGENCE: THE FLASH #2 features a bonus NEW SUICIDE SQUAD story written by Sean Ryan and illustrated by Philippe Briones.
On a mission in Ukraine, where the team fights Russian Red robots. In the DCU, yes, there is Russian military in Ukraine, imagine that!

CONVERGENCE: GREEN LANTERN CORPS #2 features a bonus GOTHAM ACADEMY story written by Becky Cloonan and Brenden Fletcher and illustrated by Mingjue Helen Chen.
Maps recites her newest homework assignment for Olive: A poem about the supernatural adventures (both imagined and real) of Gotham Academy!

CONVERGENCE: HAWKMAN #2 features a bonus GRAYSON story written by Tom King and Tim Seeley and illustrated by Mikel Janin.
Dick and Spyral join the mile-high club as they attempt to save a young boy from an airplane mid-flight.

CONVERGENCE: JUSTICE LEAGUE AMERICA #2 features a bonus BATMAN/SUPERMAN story written by Greg Pak and illustrated by Ardian Syaf.
On the trail of Cyber-Tek Warriors, a de-powered Superman meets Batman, and they fight, but an unexpected savior comes to the rescue.

CONVERGENCE: NEW TEEN TITANS #2 features a bonus ROBIN, SON OF BATMAN story written by Patrick Gleason and illustrated by Patrick Gleason and Mick Gray.
Damian's quest to atone for the Year of Blood takes him to a remote mountain village, but danger awaits him and his unwilling companion Goliath!  And someone connected to Damian's dangerous past may be closing in on him.

CONVERGENCE: SUPERBOY AND THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #2 features a bonus TEEN TITANS story written by Will Pfeifer and illustrated by Kenneth Rocafort.
The Titans and Superboy on the run from Wonder Girl and Power Girl's new super team.

CONVERGENCE: SWAMP THING #2 features a bonus CATWOMAN story written by Genevieve Valentine and illustrated by David Messina.
Selina attends a part with a guest list of some of Gotham's most power-hungry crime bosses!

CONVERGENCE: WONDER WOMAN #2 features a bonus SECRET SIX story written by Gail Simone and illustrated by Ken Lashley and Dale Eaglesham.
Six outcasts (or seven, if you count the murderous puppet) are thrown together and forced to carry out deadly missions by an anonymous force that hates their guts. They'll have to learn how to become a team pretty quickly, as survival is not guaranteed!