The internet can make dreams come true.

I know. It sounds ridiculous, but stick with me.

Last October, I made a video that basically shouted my love of DC Comics to the mountaintops. Soon after, I was contacted by DC Comics, who invited me to their LA office to shoot an episode of DC All Access! I walked into their lobby and was greeted by Henry Cavill’s Superman suit and a lantern from every color corps in Green Lantern. It’s seriously a cool place to walk into, every time. Now, I’m the co-host of DC All Access, but I still think back to that first entrance. It was a comic book fan’s dream come true.

Now, DC is going to make someone else’s dream come true.

We’re looking for a DC All Access correspondent to come with us to San Diego Comic-Con on our dime. Not only will you get to walk around the con floor, but you’ll be shooting an episode with me and Tiffany! That’s an amazing opportunity.

So get out there and shoot a video telling us why you are a DC Comics superfan! Tell us who your favorite hero is, or what you collect. (I revealed my love for Kyle Rayner in my video.) Also, be sure to tell us why you would be the best DC All Access correspondent we could ever pick. Think of it like an audition video! Be well spoken, high energy, make sure your passion for comics shines through, and don’t forget to include the hashtag and bitly in your tweet.

You should do it tonight. Don’t wait! But from one fan to another, let me give you a couple more tips.

  1. Make sure the video is well lit. You’re not Batman. If we can’t see you, we can’t see you. More lights just mean your video looks better and Jim Lee is probably going to watch it.
  2. Use a good microphone. We need to understand every word of your 565 word essay on why Ray Palmer is the best hero ever.
  3. Be yourself. Let your interests and ideas guide the video. Don’t copy. True heroes use true ideas.

That’s it! I want to see your videos! Remember I was in your shoes less than six months ago, and now I get to walk into DC Comics regularly.

Plus if you come to San Diego with us, I’ll buy you a comic book. Guaranteed. Who doesn't want that?

The DC All Access Correspondent Search ends on Friday, May 1st, 2015. For rules and information on how to enter, click here.