This is just the kind of place you'd expect to find some secrets!

Villainy and deviousness abounds and Gordon’s about to face his worst enemy yet.  Here are  this week’s #DCTV Secrets you’ll be talking about tomorrow:


  • Who is Jason Lennon?
  • What’s the deal with the Polk Gun Range?

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Don’t go any further if you don’t want to know any more.  But of course you do and you will.





Meet the Ogre

Fans know that the charming Ogre we meet tonight is much different than the two different versions that have appeared in the pages of DC Comics.  The first Ogre is part of a genetic experiment (with a brother known as Ape).  The Ogre was given brute strength in an attempt to create a perfect human soldier for a, wait for it, top secret government agency.  Of course, things did not work out either Ape or Ogre. 

A second O.G.R.E. that makes a DC Comics appearance is a robotic suit of armor which is possessed by the mind of its dead pilot.  Its rampage is stopped by Batman. 


Meet William Polk.

This is a great shout-out for the fans!  William Polk hails from the western end of the DC Universe and goes by the name of the Wyoming Kid. 

He hasn’t been seen around these parts for a mighty long time, but at least the sound of his six-guns live on in memory.

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