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Harley Quinn in Infinite Crisis: One Crazy Champion

Harley Quinn in Infinite Crisis: One Crazy Champion

By DCE Editorial Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

For the developers of Infinite Crisis, the online game set in the DC Comics Multiverse, only one thing is crazier than Harley Quinn… and that’s not putting her in the game. That’s why the team chose the former psychologist as one of their earliest characters to work on. Even before Superman.

Who’s laughing now, Kent?

The Infinite Crisis development team has a sweet job, really. They get to take the biggest names in DC Comics and bring them to life, building skill kits and animations that capture the essence of who they are. Batman is a serious and silent assassin, Doomsday a raging abomination, and Wonder Woman a selfless defender. And in this world of idyllic heroes and ruthless villains, Harley is crazier than Dex-Starr on catnip.

That’s why she was such a treat to work on for the Infinite Crisis art team—because she really is the one character who can do anything. Skipping through the game’s environments when the whole of existence is at stake? No problem. Playing with her dolls when no one is looking? Check. Dressing up in her favorite footie pajamas before smacking people around with her teddy bear? Hell yes!

But it’s not all fun and games; Harley has a serious job to do too. (Actually, it is a game and a fun one at that, but we’re digressing.) As the Joker’s frequent sidekick, she has a lot of experience as an enabler, helping the Clown Prince of Crime pull off his craziest plans. She’s actually a lot like Robin in that regard, minus the parental tragedy and grappling hook.

Well, in Infinite Crisis, Harley continues that pedigree as a controller—a supporting character who helps her teammates get the job done. Plus, she has a unique set of skills at her disposal with which to do it. She can heal her allies with laughter (it’s the best medicine, after all), give her enemies a few pies to the face, or smack them around with her giant hammer (we suggest adding your own crazy sound effects when you do it—“Thwa-funk!” is a personal favorite of ours). When used properly, these skills create great opportunities for Harley’s allies to secure kills or escape to safety in the game.

Here’s the best part. Maybe the folks at Infinite Crisis have been infected by some of Harley’s crazy, but Infinite Crisis is free to download and play right now! Plus, as you complete the tutorial and learn the ropes, you can unlock six DC champions to play—including Ms. Quinn herself. And as if that wasn’t enough, in honor of Harley Quinn Month, we’re giving away 25 Bombshell Harley Quinn costume codes over on Facebook every weekday until the end of the month. So grab one for yourself and get in the game. Mr. J is waiting…