Last week, SUPERMAN #38 revealed the Man of Steel’s new power—the Super Flare. Unlocked during a battle with the super-villain Ulysses, the Super Flare is a destructive, large-scale blast of intense heat capable of incinerating everything within a quarter mile. It also—at least so far—depletes Superman’s cells of solar energy, leaving him powerless for about a day.

Of course, we probably don’t need to tell you this since a lot of you read the comic.  How do we know? Well, Superman #38 is sold out and is now in its second printing.

To celebrate this, along with Superman’s new ability, we put together the below infographic looking at when Kal-El obtained all of his famous powers. Did you know that Superman didn’t even have heat vision until ten years after he was created?

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If you haven’t yet read this sure-to-be-iconic issue, you can click here to buy it digitally or in print. And be sure to grab SUPERMAN #39 next month as writer Geoff Johns bids farewell to the Man of Steel.