Whether it's on the page or screen, there's no doubt that the Clown Princess of Crime is having a moment!  Which is why we're devoting all of February to celebrating the character who's captured our (sometimes still beating) hearts. That's why we're publishing 22, count 'em, 22 Harley Quinn variant covers across the line of DC Comics books.  Take a look at the fantastic work of some of your favorite artists in the gallery.  Be sure to collect them all. 

Join Harley on Facebook!

Of course you want to know how you can get in on some Harley action.  Well, since Love isn't a clickable option why don't you go ahead and Like her brand new Facebook page: Facebook.com/HarleyQuinn

"Call me Harley.  Everyone does."

"Call me Harley.  Everyone does." - Harley Quinn

On her page you'll be able to join up with other Harley fans to discuss the latest misadventures of Dr. Harleen Quinzel.  You'll also get sneak peeks at artwork from upcoming comic books, preview new DC Collectibles toys and statues, and find plenty of great Harley Quinn images to Like and Share.  And, of course, we'll be sharing news about Harley Quinn and the Suicide Squad motion picture event every chance we get.

To get this Facebook party started right, we're giving away 5 free digital downloads of Harley Quinn #14 every day for the next two weeks !  Click here for the entry form and click here for the official rules

Now here's how to get the most out of Harley Quinn month!

1. Show your Mad Love for Harley!

Want to wear your Harley heart on your sleeve?  Or dress?  Or T-shirt?  Then check out the Harleen clothing and apparel line exclusively at Hot Topic.  Click on the image below to find out who your Mad Love match is and get a great Hot Topic discount at the same time.

 "I din't even get ta keep my new dress--and I actually paid for it!" - Harley Quinn 

2. Treat your Puddin' right on Valentine's Day!

No one knows romance like Harley.  Which is why you have to get your hands on the all-new, all-special Harley Quinn Valentine's Day Special #1!  And make sure you share it with that special Joker in your life.  It's what Harley would do. 

"I'd just like to say, if there were no Batman, there'd be no Joker and I never woulda met my Puddin'!  Thank you, Batman!"


3. Get some skin in the game!

Even our friends at Infinite Crisis are celebrating Harley Quinn month.  All February they'll be giving out 25 digital downloads of the Bombshell Harley Quinn skin every weekday!  Insane, right? Like Harley insane!! That's 500 skins in all!--inspired by the popular DC Collectibles line--and features Harley dressed in classic pin-up style fused with her trademark black and red look, bomber jacket and flight goggles. And where can you enter to win a skin?  Remember that Facebook Harley Quinn page we told you about?  Yeah, do that.  And give your enemies a wallop with her massive hammer, made from a (hopefully) defused bomb shell!

"My boss likes me to wear a smile to work!" - Harley Quinn

And as if you needed another reason to Like her new page, later in the month we'll be bringing you news about the ESports Go4 Infinite Crisis Season 2 International Finals in Cologne, Germany. Plus Infinite Crisis will be sponsoring a Harley Quinn Trivia contest with a prize that's truly priceless. 

Click here to find out more about the history of the epic Bombshell line.

4. Better read a great book this month!

We want to help you do yourself a favor this month and spend some time with the Joker's one true love.  That's why, for a limited time we're offering Harley's fist big adventure, Suicide Squad: Kicked In The Teeth, in all ebook formats for the crazy price of just $4.99!


"I'm havin' a bad day! I'm sick of people trying ta shoot me, run me over, or blow me up!" - Harley Quinn

5. Who is this Harley Quinn anyway?

Feel like you might not know as much about Harley as you should? Find out more at the Harley Quinn character page!

"And here you thought I was just another bubble-headed blonde bimbo!  Well, the joke's on you--I'm not a real blonde!" - Harley Quinn