There are three things all superheroes have in common: They’re bold, brave, and they’re cool. Do you have what it takes to handle these extreme rides themed after all your favorite DC Comics characters at Six Flags theme parks around the country?


Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom: At Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles, you can take a seat on the world’s tallest vertical drop ride. Standing at a record-breaking 400 feet high, Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom pulls you up to the top for an incredible view, then drops you back down to Earth at a jaw-dropping 85 miles per hour.


Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast: Head to Six Flags Over Texas in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to face the cold-hearted villain, Mr. Freeze. You’ll get chills as you’re instantly launched from 0 to 70 miles per hour. Blast backwards through a 190-foot dark tunnel, twist into a 180-degree inversion, and climb a vertical lift, where you’ll pause then dive straight back down and navigate it all again forwards.


Green Lantern: In Jackson, New Jersey at Six Flags Great Adventure, the world’s largest theme park, you’ll experience the force of Green Lantern. Throughout the 4,155-foot-long twisted green track, you’ll encounter a gut-wrenching 45-degree vertical plunge, a 121-foot-tall spiraling loop, a 103-foot dive loop, a twisted incline loop, and heart-racing double corkscrews—for a total of five upside-down inversions. Did we mention you’ll be taking this 63-mile-per-hour adventure standing up?


Superman: Ultimate Flight: Show your nerves of steel at Six Flags Great America in Chicago. You’ll learn what it’s like to fly like the caped Super Hero in this extreme flight. You’ll lie face-down and soar head-first through a twisted steel track, diving through highly-banked curves, flipping through spirals, curving around a 360-degree in-line roll, and tangling through a unique pretzel-shaped inverted loop—all at rocketing speeds of 60 miles per hour.


Bizarro: Brave the twisted world of Superman’s rival at Six Flags New England. Load into the custom-designed trains with built-in audio in the headrests and prepare for an extreme high-tech adventure. Racing at 77 miles per hour, you’ll experience a 221-foot plunge into a fog-filled tunnel, high-banked twists and turns, a spaghetti bowl of curves and spirals, hollow building structures and open-aired shields, and fiery flame effects.


The Joker’s Jinx: This chaotic journey at Six Flags America in the Baltimore/DC area will twist you until you can’t see straight. The Joker’s Jinx uses a wild state-of-the-art launch system, featuring 44 linear induction motors, to propel from 0 to 60 miles per hour in under four seconds. You’ll use your energy to navigate a maze of steel spirals, including 30 vertical curves, 25 horizontal coils, and four loops that will flip you completely upside down.


Batman The Ride: At Six Flags St. Louis, you can fly over Gotham City on a super looping coaster. As the floor drops out from under you, your feet will be dangling free in the air as you spin head-over-heels five times through somersaulting inversions, including two vertical loops, a zero-gravity roll, and two corkscrews at 50 miles per hour.


Visit your favorite Six Flags park to test your strength and show your courage with your favorite DC superheroes!