Bill Willingham returns to pen FAIREST #33, the latest and last stand-alone story of the Vertigo series that spun out of the bestselling comic book series FABLES. Willingham began the series and in this final issue he’s back with fan-favorite villain Goldilocks!

“Goldilocks and the Three (or More) Bears” begins as many fables do: with a beanstalk and a dreamy kingdom in the clouds. But Goldilocks has her sight set on conquering a land – any land – and has all the tools to do it. Guns, bullets, and a taste for power and glory!

Take a look at the gallery above for an exclusive look at the special horizontal format cover by Adam Hughes and a preview of Goldilocks in her penultimate adventure!

Written by Bill Willingham (FABLES) and illustrated by Meghan Hetrick (BODIES, BATMAN ETERNAL, THE JOKER'S DAUGHTER), FAIREST #33 arrives in stores tomorrow.

But wait, how can it be the series’ final issue and also a look at Goldilocks’ penultimate adventure? It’s not a mistake! FAIREST #33 continues in the original graphic novel FAIREST: IN ALL THE LAND, on sale now.

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