DC Entertainment, home to iconic Super Heroes including Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, announced today its current slate of monthly periodical comics are now available for download on iVerse Media’s ComicsPLUS App. Back catalog titles will be added to ComicsPLUS in the coming weeks and months.

“We want to be wherever comic fans are building their libraries and this new partnership with iVerse Media brings bestselling DC Entertainment titles from DC Comics and Vertigo to a broad, new digital audience,” stated Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development, Derek Maddalena. “The fantastic new features in the ComicsPLUS app, paired with our iconic characters like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, deliver a great digital reading experience.” 

The newly-updated ComicsPLUS 8.0 app includes several key features including a new “uView” enhanced reading experience, enhanced search functions and presentation, a new Event Timeline view, parental controls and more. Plus, all purchases can be made within the application itself.

“All of us here at iVerse have grown up with these amazing characters and stories, and we could not be more excited to be bringing them to ComicsPLUS.” said iVerse Media CEO, Michael Murphey. “New features like uView are going to be game changers for ComicsPLUS and we are incredibly excited to have DC Entertainment as a major part of it all.”

Broad digital distribution has remained a cornerstone of DC Entertainment’s business, leading to extensive growth in both digital and print sales over the past four years as digital availability attracts new readers and comic fans alike. DC Entertainment has the widest digital distribution of any comic book publisher and was the first major publisher to make its entire line available same-day digitally with the launch of DC Comics – The New 52.

Currently, English versions of DC Entertainment titles are available for download through iVerse Media. Download the ComicsPLUS App to get the latest periodicals, graphic novels and collected editions from DC Comics and Vertigo.