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DC Comics Essential Reads: Green Lantern: Rebirth

DC Comics Essential Reads: Green Lantern: Rebirth

By Kevin Mahadeo Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

Each week, DC Comics will be releasing a free—that's right, FREE—digital comic book issue featuring a sample chapter from one of our 25 Essential Graphic Novels as well as sample pages from the 2014 Essentials catalog. These special issues, which will be available for free for one week, are ideal for new fans looking to learn more about DC Universe and its mature readers imprint Vertigo, and provide the perfect reading guide for those looking to wade the waters of DC Entertainment's extensive library of graphic novels and collections.

This week: Green Lantern: Rebirth!

To say that Hal Jordan went through some emotional and psychological issues during the mid-90's might be considered a bit of an understatement. That is unless you think it's normal to go bazonkers insane, murder a bunch of your fellow Green Lanterns, and later on try to rewrite and rule over all of reality—literally something he fought against someone else for attempting previously in CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS. Hal eventually went on to more-or-less redeem himself when he sacrificed his life to reignite the sun and save Earth during the events of FINAL NIGHT.

But after those events, the Green Lantern franchise was changed for years: the Corps no longer existed, the Guardians of the Universe were gone, Kyle Rayner was the sole Green Lantern, and Hal Jordan, once considered the greatest Green Lantern, was dead. This remained the status quo for quite some time—until Geoff Johns' Green Lantern: Rebirth came along and essentially revolutionized the entire franchise and mythos.

We don't want to give away too much—because if you haven't read Green Lantern: Rebirth it truly is an essential for every fan—but Johns draws from countless aspects of GL history to revive and modernize the concept of the Green Lantern Corps and lay down the groundwork for a near-decade of Green Lantern stories that evolved the idea into an entire spectrum of greatness.

If you've ever wanted to get into Green Lantern, Rebirth is the perfect starting point. It explains everything you need to know about the Corps, how the rings work, why certain people get chosen to be Green Lanterns, and so much more—not to mention the incredible art by Ethan Van Sciver and eye-popping action.

DC ESSENTIALS: GREEN LANTERN: REBIRTH #1 is FREE starting November 25 until December 1! Grab your copy now by clicking here!