Today, Wonder Woman fans will be treated to an explosive finale that’s been over three years in the making, as Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang wrap up their acclaimed run on the title with WONDER WOMAN #35.

Kicking off in September, 2011, with the launch of The New 52, Azzarello and Chiang have brought a surprising level of mythology to the book, expanding Diana’s supporting cast dramatically, adding in a dose of New Gods and re-envisioning some classic villains in astonishing new ways (most notably, Ares, who is far from the giant warrior of books past). It’s been an amazing run. One that has brought new fans to the comic, while invigorating the title for longtime fans. Over the years, Diana’s battle with her family and the monstrous First Born has taken her to some unexpected places, and played out in some truly surprising ways. So surprising, in fact, that even devoted readers may have a hard time remembering some of the more unusual twists.

Four of the five storylines below actually took place in Brian Azzarello’s Wonder Woman. The fifth is completely made up on the spot. Can you find the fake?

1) When battling her eventual ally Orion, Wonder Woman is defeated by a magical swarm of houseflies.

2) In an attempt to make her his queen, Hades shoots Wonder Woman through the heart with Eros’s pistols. Later, Diana returns the favor by shooting Hades as he’s looking at his own reflection.

3) In a tale told in classic Golden Age style (with thought balloons a-plenty), Diana angers Ares by refusing to fight to the death, but wins the respect of a minotaur.

4) Wonder Woman successfully retrieves baby Zeke from the clutches of Apollo by using a special tube of sunscreen created for her by Hephaestus.

5) Diana is rescued in a battle against Hermes by a boom tubing Orion, who is able to find her because he had slapped her on the bottom earlier.

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#1 and #5 can both be found within WONDER WOMAN VOL. 3: IRON. #2 is from the previous volume, WONDER WOMAN VOL. 2: GUTS. #3 is from WONDER WOMEN #0, which was published as a part of Zero Month and can also be found in Vol. 3.

#4 is the fake. While Hephaestus does assist Wonder Woman and her siblings by crafting unusual items of great power, so far sunscreen hasn’t been one of them.