Long before Batman first donned the cape and cowl and joined the war on crime in Gotham City, another man fought to preserve law and order against the criminal element overrunning the city. His name is James Gordon, and this fall on FOX, he’ll be the focus of an all-new television series that brings viewers into a world before Batman and before the crazed criminals of Arkham Asylum: GOTHAM.

We were able to get a look at the series premiere, and if the pilot is any indication, there’s a ton of storytelling potential in GOTHAM. The series stars Ben McKenzie as Detective Gordon, newly arrived to the titular city and partnered with GCPD veteran Harvey Bullock, played by Donal Logue. GOTHAM will explore the origins of many of the world’s most iconic villains, including the Penguin, the Riddler, Catwoman and more, teasing and showcasing how exactly they become the infamous, larger-than-life personas we know them to be.

And while the series will not feature Batman, a young Bruce Wayne (played by David Mazouz) will play a major role, with Sean Pertwee also starring as his unflappable butler, Alfred Pennyworth. With Gordon assigned to investigate the murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne, viewers can expect to see the development of a relationship between Gordon and Wayne that will last their entire lives and will play a crucial role in helping the young boy eventually become the crusader he’s destined to be.

Drawing on the stories of the great DC Comics Super-Villains and vigilantes, and revealing an entirely new chapter of the Dark Knight history, GOTHAM premieres Monday, September 22, at 8/7c on FOX. Be sure to check it out!