SPOILER ALERT: If you have not read JUSTICE LEAGUE #33 yet and do not wish to know what happens, stop reading this post now (major spoilers ahead!).

No, your eyes aren’t playing a trick on you; you read the headline right. The last page of JUSTICE LEAGUE #33 shockingly reveals that Lex Luthor is indeed joining the Justice League! 

But why?! 

After declining Lex Luthor’s bizarre partnership proposal in JUSTICE LEAGUE #31, Batman reconsiders the offer after observing Lex’s unwelcomed appearance at the rescue of Jessica Cruz. If Lex is able to follow the Justice League around unsolicited, what’s to keep him from going rogue and interfering with the team’s operations? 

Convinced that the best way to keep an eye on Lex Luthor is to keep him close, Batman convinces the team to allow him to join the Justice League. 

Though traditionally seen as one of his greatest enemies, see below as Superman welcomes Lex Luthor into the Justice League. Can Lex Luthor be trusted? How will the team be affected by his presence? Sound off in the comments below! 

JUSTICE LEAGUE #33, written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Doug Mahnke, is available in stores now.