SPOILER ALERT: If you have not read TEEN TITANS #2 yet and do not wish to know what happens, stop reading this post now (major spoilers ahead!).

From facetime, to social media and video streaming, writer Will Pfeifer has definitely delivered on his vision to fully immerse Teen Titans into today’s pop culture. 

Just look at what’s happened so far: When the Teen Titans saved the school bus full of children in TEEN TITANS #1, the public looked to their “Chirper” feed (a playful take on the real world’s Twitter) to learn of the heroic rescue.  #TeenTitansrule! 

And when the scuffle between Teen Titan Miguel (A.K.A Bunker) and a rude onlooker was caught on video, the clip went viral making Miguel an overnight Internet sensation. 

Pfeifer continues his fresh take on teenage superheroes in TEEN TITANS #2 where we finally get to see Raven as an underground music enthusiast. In fact, we learn that Raven isn’t just a fan of the music; she’s actually an indie music icon and has her own tribute band!  Not bad for a hero who’s often marked by her mysterious and withdrawn nature. 

Below, take a look as Raven, undercover, goes to a concert to hear her tribute band “Dark Mistress” play. She seems to like what she hears. Will Raven ever perform herself? How will having a tribute band affect her role as a Teen Titan?

TEEN TITANS #2, written by Will Pfeifer and illustrated by Kenneth Rocafort, is available in stores now.