By now you’ve likely seen the sentient comic book ads, our Facebook banners featuring some very different versions of Superman, Aquaman and the Flash, and our interactive map highlighting a few of the different Earths. However, if you’re scratching your head over what all of this is for… well, you’re in the right place.

This week on, we’re highlighting The Multiversity, a brand new limited series written by Grant Morrison and drawn by some of the most talented artists currently working in comics. The series launches tomorrow with THE MULTIVERSITY #1, a 48-page debut drawn by Ivan Reis that promises to expand your mind (and very possibly the DC Universe). However, don’t look for The Multiversity #2 in stores in September. Rather, the series continues with the Chris Sprouse-pencilled THE MULTIVERSITY: THE SOCIETY OF SUPER-HEROES: CONQUERORS OF THE COUNTER-WORLD #1, a single-issue adventure set on the pulpy world of Earth-20 that reads like the first issue of a brand new comic series while also expanding on and furthering the larger story of The Multiversity. There will be six of these single-issue stories in total, before The Multiversity wraps up with the second bookending comic next year.

For those of you coming into this completely new, The Multiversity is a series that’s been eight years in the making, and it promises to expand the world of The New 52 by defining all 52 worlds that make up the DC Comics Multiverse, while also telling an intelligent story that uses the comic book medium in a way that’s never been done before. As Morrison explains in this DC All Access clip, the adventures of one world’s super heroes are the comic books of another world. In other words, the heroes of the various worlds learn that they can communicate with each other through their comic books. But this being a Grant Morrison book, even that isn’t the end of it, as readers don’t just passively watch the action unfold in The Multiversity, but seem to play a key part in it. (Tiffany from DC All Access has referred to The Multiversity as “Inception in a comic book.”)

In other words, this is a series that people are going to be talking about, and you’re not going to want to miss it. But if you feel you could benefit from a little background, we’re here to help. Check out the clickable worlds on the interactive map. They’re the ones you’ll be visiting in The Multiversity #1. Then continue checking the map over the weeks and months ahead, as more of the 52 Earths are added.

We’d also suggest taking advantage of our Multiversity Digital Comics Sale. From now through August 25th, dozens of the classic comics that Morrison pulled from in creating The Multiversity are on sale for 99 cents an issue—including groundbreakers like Crisis on Infinite Earths, Zero Hour, Infinite Crisis, 52 and Final Crisis. While it’s not necessary to have read these to enjoy and understand The Multiversity, it can certainly enhance the experience.


Finally, be sure to check throughout the rest of the week as we post additional features designed to help bring the world of The Multiversity to life and increase your understanding of the Multiverse. It’s a big place, and it always helps to have a guide. Especially with all of the—

What’s that? They’re here? Stop reading. STOP READING NOW.