THE MULTIVERSITY is closer than you think! WIRED has the exclusive first look at THE MULTIVERSITY #1.

With a multitude of alternate worlds to choose from, where every variation is possible, legendary comics writer Grant Morrison decides to tackle them all and call it THE MULTIVERSITY. But where do we fit into his story?

“We all have different faces that we show to different people in our lives,” Morrison tells WIRED. “And the only way to understand you or me to see all of them at once, all the contending versions of ourselves… In Multiversity, I wanted to do that for the entire DC Universe.”

Morrison has been working on THE MULTIVERSITY since the idea came to him almost a decade ago. Each of his nine-issue miniseries will be labeled as a #1, will focus on a different universe and feature a different artist. And Morrison plans to take you along on the amazing adventure. You are the hero in his story.

For more of the interview with Morrison and an exclusive preview of THE MULTIVERSITY #1, head on over to WIRED

THE MULTIVERSITY #1 arrives next Wednesday, August 20th.