Yes, we know it’s technically a Batman movie, but considering the prominent role they play in the story, Batman: Assault on Arkham could just as easily be called a Suicide Squad film. Set within the Batman: Arkham Asylum universe, in continuity with the bestselling game series, Batman: Assault on Arkham focuses on a mission gone bad, as the Squad is sent on a mission to Arkham only to see it take a turn for the insane after Harley Quinn frees the Joker.

We’ve been talking a lot about the Suicide Squad (officially known as Task Force X) here on this year, what with their memorable appearance on Arrow last season and their brand new ongoing comic. However, as fans know, the team often changes, and Assault’s Task Force is very different than the one seen in New Suicide Squad. But never fear, you can get to know the lineup by browsing our character gallery up above. Go on and check it out. When you’re done, we doubt you’ll be lining up to enlist, but you’ll certainly be more than prepared for when Batman: Assault on Arkham hits Blu-Ray and DVD on August 12th.