Cat Staggs
is one of the coolest artists around right now, known to DC readers for her work on special editions of Smallville, The Vampire Diaries, as well as Phantom Lady.  Now she brings her unique style to an American icon in the digital-first Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #1.

Being part of a new launch is a thrill for any artist.  In advance of Cat’s appearance at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 on the DC Digital: Download This! panel she took some time to tell her about creating one of the highlights of this new anthology series. 

“It’s similar in concept to the recent Adventures of Superman,” explains Cat, “in that it is made up of a series of short stories told in 10-20 page arcs and with each story arc being done by a new creative team. What makes it so special is that the stories can be taken from any continuity, so everyone gets the chance to tell the story of their Wonder Woman. This is something I loved about Adventures of Superman. All of the different personal takes on the character really showcased what he meant to the creators involved and I am looking forward to seeing that with Wonder Woman.

“She is such an important character to so many people and I am so excited to see the various ways that is manifested. I know that Amanda Deibert (my wife, and the writer of the arc that I illustrated) and I really enjoyed bringing the character we love so much to life.”

Cat’s first introduction to Wonder Woman was on “the TV show with Lynda Carter. That and the Super Friends on Saturday mornings. Like a lot of little girls, and probably some boys, I ran around deflecting imaginary bullets and jumping over ‘buildings’ (meaning I climbed up some stairs and jumped back down), and was glued to that TV each week for the next exciting adventure. Sadly, my lasso of truth never worked on my little brother.”

Cat describes being inspired by Diana. “She's so badass and amazing. I love that she's such an icon, especially what she represents for women. As a kid growing up, I looked to her as a role model and the things I loved about her then still apply today. She doesn't back down when she is fighting for what she believes in. She is never ashamed of who she is.  Equality was never a foreign concept to her, it just was. Those are qualities both men and women should appreciate.

“I love the message behind the story that Amanda and I did! Beyond showcasing some awesome fight scenes, there is a surprise ending that deals with learning to stand up for yourself no matter what people around you may say and that there is real power and importance in being true to yourself. You know, one of those little lessons, that for some reason, takes us a lifetime to learn.”

Catch Cat Staggs and other exciting artists at the DC Digital: Download This panel! on Thursday, July 24, Room 6DE, 2PM.  Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #1 will be available on 8/20.