Today, the top secret government strike force known as Task Force X—but lovingly referred to by its members as the Suicide Squad—enters a new era with Sean Ryan and Jeremy Roberts’ New Suicide Squad. The title couldn’t be more accurate, this is an all-new squad, under new management and with a new lineup. Which means, of course, that’s it’s also very new reader friendly. If you’ve never read a Suicide Squad comic before, if you’re not even sure what the Suicide Squad is…well, there’s never been a better time to start rooting for the bad guys.

But first, a short primer on what this team’s about. We wouldn’t want throw you in unprepared. (Who do we look like, Amanda Waller?)

As mentioned above, the Suicide Squad’s official name is Task Force X. It’s an off-the-books government strike force made up entirely of super-villains serving time in Belle Reve Prison. In exchange for time spent on Task Force X, they can reduce their sentences. The only problem is that the missions they’re sent on are about as deadly and dangerous as they can get, and team safety really isn’t much of a government concern, hence the popular team nickname. Of course, with a squadron made up entirely of villains, many of whom aren’t exactly portraits of clear-thinking, you would think control would be an issue. And it WOULD be, were it not for the small bombs implanted in each member’s neck. Disobey an order…and BOOM!

Until very recently, Task Force X was overseen exclusively by the aforementioned Amanda Waller, the former Director of A.R.G.U.S. (Advanced Research Group Uniting Super-Humans). Amanda’s still the lead of the group, but now she shares oversight with the very opinionated and morally murky Victor Sage, and it hasn’t taken long for these two to butt heads. In fact, their first conflict is over the very lineup of the group. Gone are Captain Boomerang, King Shark and James Gordon, Jr. Instead, the new Suicide Squa—er, Task Force X will focus on international missions and will be made up of the following…

Harley Quinn

Ms. Quinzel has been a Squad member since its relaunch as part of The New 52. Heck, she was even featured front and center on the first issue cover. While Harley would seem to be a loose cannon, and she WAS at first, recently she’s proven to be a relatively dependable member of the team. (We’re using relative in the loosest sense possible here. The girl still be crazy.) Part of that dependability is due to her background in psychiatry. She can think intelligently when she needs to. Of course, another part is due to the bomb in her neck. Which she has to be pretty tired of by now.


The other holdover from Waller’s Squad, Floyd Lawton has been a Task Force X member for a while now, and it’s easy to see why. He’s not insane, he’s not unpredictable…and he’s very good at what he does. As one of the world’s premiere hitmen, his value to the team is obvious, and the fact that he operates under a moral code makes him one of its most dependable members. In fact, Deadshot did serve as the team’s de facto leader for a while. But that may be changing with the addition of…


With Slade Wilson on the roster, it’s now pretty hard not to view Deadshot as a bit redundant. Does the team really need two highly lethal mercenaries? Perhaps they do. The missions they’re sent on are dangerous and the team needs some no-nonsense muscle. Considering the nature of most of their endeavors, assassins would seem to fit that bill. But assassins don’t tend to play nice with each other, and you can expect Deathstroke and Deadshot to start butting heads pretty early in the game. Like first issue early.

Joker’s Daughter

Hmm… Let’s see. Victor Sage has added a crazed, Joker-obsessed young woman to a team that features ANOTHER insane female Joker devotee. NOTHING COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG THERE.

For those who don’t know, Duela Dent is a bizarre, flesh-eating woman who’s been giving Catwoman a hard time for the past year. Duela calls herself the Joker’s Daughter, and she has her “father’s” face. As in it’s literally bound to her head. She wears it like a mask. While it’s not yet clear what Joker’s Daughter will bring to the team, Sage added her under the belief that competition between her and Harley will make both of them better. He’s also gained her loyalty by promising her the Joker. Oops…

Black Manta

One of the more intriguing new Squad members, Black Manta doesn’t seem to have been recruited by either Waller or Sage, but by the U.S. Secretary of Defense. However, it’s hard to imagine them having much objection to him. As a world-class treasure hunter, he has a knack for finding things that are hidden away, and as someone who has fought toe-to-toe against Aquaman and lived to tell the tale, it’s clear he can handle himself in a scrap. But he’s lived his past few years driven by revenge. Can he put those feelings aside and work as part of a team?

So how will this new Task Force X do on their first mission? Will the full Squad even survive it? Oh, and did we mention that not all of the members have been implanted with bombs? That’s not going to cause any trouble or anything…

The fun starts in NEW SUICIDE SQUAD #1, now available everywhere. Missing out might not land you in Belle Reve… but we still wouldn’t recommend it.