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Breaking News: The Flash Gets Fired Up

Breaking News: The Flash Gets Fired Up

By Tim Beedle Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

It’s hard to stand out in a busy place like Central City, but we’re pretty sure it’s newest resident will be instantly recognizable to DC Comics fans.

Robbie Amell is joining this fall's eagerly anticipated The Flash in the recurring role of Ronnie Raymond, better known within the DC Universe as ½ of the hero Firestorm. In the world of The Flash, Ronnie is a maintenance worker at S.T.A.R. Labs and Dr. Caitlin Snow's fiancé, and he plays an integral part in the particle accelerator accident that transforms Barry Allen into the Flash.

Of course, fans of the character may be able to hazard a few guesses as to what else may be in store for him. The character of Firestorm is unique among super heroes in that it’s not the secret identity of one person, but two. In DC Comics – The New 52, Ronnie is fused with the far more cerebral Jason Rusch into the nuclear-powered Firestorm after coming in contact with the mysterious “God Particle.” Recently, Firestorm played a key role in the massive Justice League crossover event, Forever Evil, and can currently be seen in The New 52: Futures End.

“Geoff Johns, Andrew Kreisberg and myself designed the pilot and series to include Ronnie (aka Firestorm),” said Executive Producer Greg Berlanti, “and to actually have someone with Robbie's talent playing the role is beyond exciting. We can't wait for viewers and fans of the character to check it out.”

“I'm so excited to join forces with Greg Berlanti and The CW again on The Flash,” Amell said. “Being brought into the DC Universe is a dream, I can't wait to get started!”

Robbie Amell is perhaps best known for his role as Stephen on The CW’s The Tomorrow People and has appeared on 1600 Penn, Alcatraz and Revenge. And if the last name wasn’t a tip-off, he also just happens to be the younger cousin of Arrow star Stephen Amell.

Speaking of Arrow, it’s been making quite a few casting announcements itself of late. Nice to see The Flash keeping pace, and keeping it in the family.

More to come…