In the world of super-powered heroes and villains, scientists often have secrets. Just ask Ray Palmer, the brilliant physicist and inventor who occasionally shrinks himself down to the microscopic level and helps save the world as the Atom. And who was just cast on The CW’s Arrow.

Even more interesting is the actor who will be playing him—Brandon Routh (AKA Superman in 2006’s Superman Returns).

Palmer will be a recurring role in Arrow’s third season, and promises to shake things up as the new owner of Queen Consolidated who seems to have some mysterious plans for the company’s Applied Sciences Division. No word yet on whether we’ll ever seen Palmer don the red and blue, but considering he’s traditionally a hero, it feels a safe bet that he’ll eventually fall on the side of Oliver’s allies. Still, as the new owner of Oliver’s company—which was forcefully stolen from the Queens in the past season—it’s also safe to assume that there may be some tension between them.

Routh is just the latest in a wave of high profile Arrow casting announcements. Last week, it was announced that Sin City actress Devon Aoki would be coming onboard as Tatsu Yamashiro (perhaps better known as Katana) and Karl Yune would be playing Maseo Yamashiro, her husband. In addition, Peter Stormare has been announced as Werner Zytle, whom Green Arrow fans will recognize as the true name of Green Arrow baddie Count Vertigo. This is somewhat surprising as there’s already been a Vertigo on Arrow—the crazed drug dealer embodied by the charismatic Seth Gable. However, inheritance is a common theme on Arrow, and Stormare’s character will be stepping up to fill the void left wide open in the Vertigo drug scene after the death of Gable’s Count. Whether he’ll possess any of the abilities that Count Vertigo wields in the comics is yet to be seen. Fans will know for certain when Arrow’s new season debuts on October 8th.

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