Over the past few years, we’ve come to expect certain things from Superman. We expect him to stand for human ideals, fighting for truth, integrity and justice. We know he spends much of his time in Metropolis, yet operates on a worldwide level, unbeholden to any political power, but to humankind as a whole. We suspect there are very few challenges he isn’t equal to and that the only weight that he truly has difficulty managing may be the emotional weight he must bear when he’s unable to save someone. We know that he’s romantically involved with Wonder Woman and that at least until recently, he’s fought as a founding member of the Justice League. However, for the most part, Superman works alone.

But that may be changing.

During today’s destructive appearance of an unknown, seemingly alien hostile above the Metropolis skyline, Superman was glimpsed confronting the violent entity with another super-powered individual. Questions about this unfamiliar new figure abound. Who is he? What’s his relationship with the Man of Steel? Are they old friends or new acquaintances?

Eyewitness reports would suggest the latter, claiming that initially Superman seemed as puzzled by the stranger’s assistance as the rest of us. However, weary residents fearful that a new villain has emerged in their fair city can rest easy, at least for now. The visitor—whom the Planet has confirmed goes by the name of Ulysses—was observed talking amicably with the Man of Steel before leaving the scene of the confrontation.

Exclusive photos taken during the battle reveal Ulysses to be male and fair-skinned, clad in a costume that seems otherworldly or even futuristic in appearance, and possessing long, flowing hair that extends well past his waist. They also suggest strength that may rival Superman’s, something which will likely be a concern to the Lex Luthors and Amanda Wallers of the world.

For now, we’ll have to adopt a wait-and-see attitude when it comes to this newest member of the world’s ever-growing army of costumed crusaders. With the continual threats to our city, a new ally or even partner may be just what an occasionally beleaguered Man of Steel needs. That’s if Ulysses is truly an ally. The problem with new visitors is that you often don’t know for certain until the damage is already done.