This week, Tiffany and Blair take a page from Batman and give us an all-out assault… of access!

In today's all new episode, we talk to voice actor extraordinaire Troy Baker about Batman: Assault on Arkham and premiere the first clip from the exciting animated film set within the Batman: Arkham universe. After that, we're off to New York for a talk with the cast from The CW's upcoming iZombie before settling in for a top secret, for-your-eyes-only chat with Tim Seeley about Dick Grayson's stint as an agent of Spyral in the eagerly anticipated new comic, Grayson.

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Commit yourself… to checking out our new Batman: Assault on Arkham page:

Discover the weird, wonderful world of the iZombie comic:

Nightwing #30 sets the scene! We break down this Grayson prologue by the numbers: