Earlier this month, we announced Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman, a brand new, digital first comic book anthology series featuring everyone’s favorite Amazonian hero. It’s been a stellar year for Wonder Woman in comics, but this new series promises to open the floodgates when it comes to exciting takes on the beloved character, and many from a female perspective. What can we expect?

Here on DCComics.com, we’re as curious as the rest of you. Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman doesn’t debut until August, but we managed to pull series editor Kristy Quinn aside to ask her a few questions about how this new comic came together, how she went about assembling the creative teams, and why she feels Wonder Woman has remained popular through generation after generation.

How did Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman come about? After Legends of the Dark Knight and Adventures of Superman, was there always a plan to give Wonder Woman her own anthology?

We’ve always wanted to do something special for Wonder Woman. Anthology series are inherently risky, because if you’re not pushing the envelope, you’re not really doing your job as an editor. Once Legends of the Dark Knight proved that the fans were eager to read a weekly series that focused on the core of one of DC’s “trinity,” we started strategizing about Sensation. Alex Antone just beat me to the punch with Adventures of Superman!

You’ve announced some of the creative teams, and I’ve noticed that there are some pretty great female writers and artists on the list, such as Gail Simone, Cecil Castellucci, Renae de Liz, Cat Staggs and Amanda Deibert. Is this by design, or just an awesome coincidence?

Between design/coincidence/confluence of amazing talent in the pool: I’d check all of the above. We made sure to seek out stories and perspectives from women, so we should end up with a nice balance! Incidentally, all the men we’ve hired to write and draw some chapters also have a love for the character.

What sort of stories will we be seeing?

Everything! We’ve got monsters and kids and villains and Amazons and Themyscira and Gotham and heroics and music and yes, bullet-deflecting bracelets. The touchstone for each story is what it says about Diana’s place in the DC Comics universe, and ours.

Finally, Wonder Woman isn’t just a comic book icon, she’s a pop culture one. Why do you think she resonates so deeply with so many people?

I’d love to credit the invisible plane, but Diana’s more than her accessories. The world doesn’t always reward women who DO things, but Wonder Woman shines a ray of hope that you can move into a man’s world (literally!), kick ass, take names, and still have a rewarding life with friendship and love and family.