We’re certainly not ones to dwell in the past, but some weeks are just worth reliving. Especially when they involve new Batman: The Animated Series action figures and giving away a bunch of awesome collectibles.

Not too long ago, DC Collectibles passed the 100,000 fan mark on our Facebook page, and last Monday we kicked off a five-day celebration. We shot a special thank you video, launched a new DC Collectibles sweepstakes, gave you a look at the evolution of our new Hawkman action figure, spoke with one of our talented sculptors and answered a bunch of your questions.

Throughout the week, we also announced a bunch of new collectibles. So many, in fact, that we’d be very surprised if you caught all of them. That’s why we decided to put them all together in one simple gallery for you, which you can check out above. So how many will you be bringing home?

Of course, for a lot of you, the highlight of the week seemed to be the polls. We asked you to vote on how much articulation you prefer in your action figures as well as which DC Comics – The New 52 action figure you’d like us to release next, and thousands of you responded. Well, you’ve been very patient as we’ve tallied the results, argued about the results, retallied the responses a second time, argued some more, retallied one last time and sent a few folks home early to recover emotionally (some people over here just REALLY want a Bunker action figure). Anyhow, it’s time to reveal the results, starting with our articulation poll.

With over 1,400 votes, you clearly are in favor of as much articulation as possible when it comes to action figures. That’s great, as we love articulation as well, so you’d better believe we’ll be keeping this in mind going forward. (If you’re curious, in second place was a more moderate level of articulation, with the lowest level of articulation coming in a distant third.)

On to our second poll, where we asked you to help us choose our next DC Comics – The New 52 action figure. Here we gave you twenty different choices. (Check out the poll, if you want the full list). Just for fun, we’re going to list off the top three…

#3 – Black Canary

We can’t say we’re too surprised here. Black Canary’s always been a favorite among fans, and she’s more prominent than ever after this past season of Arrow.  However, the second choice surprised us a little…

#2 – White Lantern Kyle Rayner

Let’s hear it for Green Lantern: New Guardians! Yeah, we love Kyle as well, and we agree it would be cool to see him in action figure form now that he’s a White Lantern. But I don’t we’ll be putting the green paint away any time soon, particularly considering which popular character won the poll…

#1 – Poison Ivy

With a kiss, Pamela Isley can capture your heart. Or without a kiss, apparently, since she managed to win our poll without puckering up. Poison Ivy is one of the most enduring, popular villains in all of comics, so we’re not too surprised that she won and hopefully we’ll be seeing Ms. Isley in action figure form very soon!

Thanks again for all of your support on Facebook and beyond. Now, let’s see how quickly we can get to 200,000. Oh, and in case you missed out on the fun last week and are feeling bad, you didn’t miss out on ALL of it. Our special 100,000 Likes Giveaway doesn’t end until May 26th. So if you haven’t entered, there’s still time. Click here to get to it!