You know the old expression about the best laid plans of mice and men. Well, it can just as easily apply to hawks and men. Or to Hawkmen.

Introducing our upcoming DC Comics – The New 52: Hawkman Action Figure, flying into your favorite comic or specialty store in November, 2014.

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The thing is, as great as he looks now, the road to sculpting the perfect New 52 Hawkman wasn’t without a few unexpected bumps and turns. Our Hawkman figure has been through quite the evolution since our first sculpt back in 2011. This isn’t exactly usual for a new action figure or statue. Revision is part of the process. But it’s not always easy—sometimes those early takes are pretty cool!

In honor of our recent Facebook milestone, we thought we’d lift the veil on the creation process and give you a glimpse at the evolution of our new Hawkman action figure. Here he is from pencil to plastic… Enjoy!

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One discussion that always takes place when we’re sculpting a new figure concerns articulation. We want our action figures to be highly articulated, but if we overdo it, it can impact the integrity of the figure. We want our collectibles to accurately reflect the art that inspired them, so sometimes less is more.

We were wondering what you think. Do you prefer your action figures to be extremely articulated, even if it means it’s a little less reflective of its inspiration? Or are you willing to sacrifice a certain amount of articulation in favor of a greater level of authenticity? What’s the ideal amount of articulation?

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Speaking of our DC Comics – The New 52 action figures, you’re not going to want to miss what we have lined up for you tomorrow. See you then!