This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and hopefully by now you have your plans in place. We know what we’re doing over here. Brunch at Mom’s favorite restaurant, followed by an afternoon at the pool. Maybe, if the weather stays nice we’ll step out for ice cream before heading home to watch one of Mom’s soon-to-be-favorite movies—Son of Batman.

Yes, you read that right, and yes, we’re serious. We’ll be watching Son of Batman with Mom on May 11th, and we’re sure she’ll agree that it’s a great end to an amazing Mother’s Day. Why? Because while it may not seem so on the surface, Son of Batman is the perfect Mother’s Day movie. It’s like it was made for the holiday. Maybe that’s why the Blu-Ray Combo Pack hit stores this week.

Okay, we can see you need further convincing.  So here are a whole 5.2 Reasons Son of Batman is the Perfect Mother’s Day Movie!

You Weren’t a Perfect Child, But Son of Batman Will Make it Seem Like You Were

It goes without saying that almost every mother and father on the planet loves and appreciates their children. But kids, every now and then, will push their parents right up to the edge. Heck, in the case of teenagers, this can happen on a daily basis. We’ve all driven our parents a little crazy, and if you’re a parent yourself, you’ve likely been driven crazy by your children. It’s a cycle, and it’s a normal part of life. But if you want a reminder at how much worse things as a parent could be, just look at Damian Wayne. The kid may be good at heart, but he’s an assassin. A trained killer.

You may have been quite the handful as a child, but we're pretty sure you engaged in homicide-for-hire. Once your Mom’s been introduced to Batman’s son, you’ll seem like an outright angel.

You Love Your Mom, But This Movie Will Make You Love Her Even More

We know your mother is one of the greatest women on the planet and that you love her very much. But even so, there must have been things she did while you were growing up that you hated at the time. Maybe it was the time she didn’t let you go camping with your friends—including that one girl you really had a crush on. Or perhaps it was when she took a new job and as a result, you had to say goodbye to all of your friends and move to a new city. Or maybe you just really couldn’t stomach her “famous” tofu casserole. Look, we don’t know what it was, but there had to be some things, otherwise you and your mother wouldn’t be human, you’d both be alien-possessed pod people and we’d be in a 50s-era sci-fi movie.

However, no matter what “horrible” things your mother may have done while you were a kid, we’re fairly sure she never hid the fact that your father was Batman from you. Having Batman for a father is pretty much every eight-year-olds dream. To keep that from you would be unforgivable. We’d totally get why that might make you upset. But guess what? That’s just what Talia al Ghul does.

We tell you, unforgiveable!

You’ll Both Be Glad Your Dad’s Not Kirk Langstrom

Okay, okay, maybe we CAN forgive Talia. After all, it’s clear she loves her son and sacrifices quite a bit to keep him safe, as you can see in this clip. And besides, she seems like parent of the year compared to Kirk Langstrom, who gets into some shady business and finds his entire family taken hostage as a result. No one’s life and family is perfect, but nothing will bring a mother and child together quicker than mutual appreciation that the main man in your lives doesn’t do business with criminals. Or occasionally turn into a giant mutated evil bat.

The Killer Croc Fight Will Bring You Closer

Even better, Kirk Langstrom’s lousy parental skills isn’t the only thing with the ability to bring you and your mother much closer together. There’s also Batman’s intense battle with the sinister Killer Croc. It happens near the beginning of the movie and it’s so bone-crunchingly awesome that everyone in your family will likely rush into the living room wondering what you and Mom are watching. And when they crowd in next to you on the couch, you and your mother will be brought much closer together. In the literal, physical sense.

Hey, that makes sharing popcorn a lot easier, and we all know that it’s the little things in life that matter most when it comes to family.

Ultimately, It’s a Story of Successful Parenting…With Swordfights

When you get right down to it, all parents want the same thing for their children—they want them to succeed in life and be happy. Success, of course, comes in many forms. For some of us, it could be professional success. Becoming one of the world’s foremost scientists or doctors, maybe. Or a brilliant author or artist. For others, it can be domestic success. For Talia and her son Damian, it’s the precision and skill with which you fight and take down your enemies. So when Damian at last confronts Deathstroke in a thrilling, edge-of-your-seat swordfight set deep under the ocean and defeats the evil mercenary, it’s hard to argue with the fact that he’s achieved a newfound level of success. His mother’s proud of him. And as your mother looks over to you and realizes all the ways you’ve succeeded, she’ll be proud of you too.

Or she’ll be wondering how the heck Damian, Talia and Batman are going to escape the undersea base before it caves in on them because that’s kinda important.

As a Son, Damian’s Happy to Help With the Yardwork

Let’s Face It, EVERYONE Loves Batman…Even Mom

Especially when behind the microphone, Batman looks like this.

So what do you think? Will you be watching Son of Batman with Mom this Sunday? Well, whatever your plans may be, we hope you have a great day with her and the rest of your family. Feel free to leave your thoughts on Son of Batman or on why your mother is a super hero down in the comments. Happy Mother’s Day!