Yesterday, the newest version of the Justice League made its comic store debut in the pages of JUSTICE LEAGUE UNITED #0. Set within the frozen isolation of Northern Ontario, Canada after the events of Forever Evil, the first issue offers a unique take on a super team crafted by the impeccable creative team of Jeff Lemire and Mike McKone. As most fans likely know, it’s rare that a comic debuts with a “zero issue.” We’re more accustomed to seeing new titles launch with an issue #1. This made us curious about other numbers associated with the debut of this brand new monthly.

Here is Justice League United…by the numbers!

Number of story pages in Justice League United #0: 26

Number of issues in this storyline: 5

Number of DC comics that have had zero issues since the start of The New 52: 56

Number of New 52 comics that began with zero issues: 5 (6 if you count the upcoming Futures End!)

Number of New 52 comics that ended with one: 3

Number of people shown in line for the Animal Man/Stargirl signing: 18

Number of pages set in or around Moosonee, Ontario in Canada: 15

Number of research trips Jeff Lemire took to Moosonee: 2

Average Fahrenheit temperature in Moosonee: 29.6

Total number of Cree currently living in Canada: Over 200,000

Number of Cree super heroes before Justice League United: 0

Number of green—as in inexperienced—super heroes in the first issue: 2

Number of green—as in literal—super heroes in the first issue: 2

Number of Canadian accent jokes: 1

Number of adorable super heroes in the back of Justice League United #0 drawn by kids: 8

Number of days until the next issue: 21…it only feels like forever!