SPOILER ALERT: If you have not read GREEN ARROW #30 and do not wish to know what happens, stop reading this post now (major spoilers ahead!).

The Outsiders War continues with Chapter 5: “Family”. Up till now, Oliver Queen’s extended family has been in the shadows, thought to be dead, or used as a tool for deception. Emiko, Ollie’s half-sister (though she doesn’t know it), believes that Komodo is her father (it’s really Robert Queen!) and thought that her mother, Shado, was dead (but she isn't). LaCroix has been keeping her in the dark about everything.

Ollie only recently found out that his own father was alive and has been collaborating with Shado since the beginning. The lies Robert told him have only alienated him from Oliver. No amount of explanation has been able to convince Ollie that it was all for his own good.

Now the family is all in one place. And LaCroix is willing to sacrifice Emiko to keep her away from Shado and Robert! 

Below, take a look at the last page of GREEN ARROW #30 as Robert Queen throws himself between LaCroix and Emiko as arrows fly. Is this the end for Robert Queen? Sound off in the comments section about this latest chapter of The Outsiders War!

GREEN ARROW #30, written by Jeff Lemire and illustrated by Andrea Sorrentino, is available in stores now.

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