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Gotham: Five Things We're Excited About

Gotham: Five Things We're Excited About

By Kevin Mahadeo Thursday, March 6th, 2014

Don’t know about you, but we anticipate spending quite a bit of time in Gotham in the future, for what is shaping up to be one heck of an awesome television series.

Following the exploits of rookie detective James Gordon (played by Ben McKenzie), the upcoming Fox television show will explore the infamous titular city years before the Dark Knight first cast his vengeful shadow upon the criminal underground, back when Bruce Wayne was still a young boy that only recently saw his parents murdered right before his eyes.

There isn't a whole lot information or details about the series available yet—at least, not beyond some casting news and a few small tidbits. However, just those few details have already gotten us incredibly excited at the possibilities.

1.) GCPD

As we know, this show isn’t going to focus on the Dark Knight and his colorful band of vigilantes (mainly cause they don't, you know, exist yet), but instead centers on the members of the Gotham City police department. The premise has a very Gotham Central-esque feel, which works really well because a police procedural taking place in one of the most infamous cities in the world sounds like a concept ripe for intense, action-filled drama. It'll give a very different perspective on what it's like living in Gotham City, a place known for its criminal element even before Batman showed up. Of course, some of the more famous criminal elements will make an appearance in some way because...


2.) The Penguin

It's already been confirmed that Robin Lord Taylor has been cast as Oswald Copplepot, a low-level gangster for Jada Pinkett Smith's Fish Mooney. This immediately piques our interest because while he isn't the Penguin yet, we comic book fans know that one day—not necessarily in the course of the show—he will be. It's an interesting twist on the origin tale, where we'll get to see how the villains become who they eventually become. And it certainly doesn't have to stop at the Penguin either. A young genius with a penchant for solving puzzles, a boy obsessed with the world of Alice in Wonderland, a budding botanist and environmentalist—the possibilities are endless.

3.) Badass Alfred

Actor Sean Pertwee (a.k.a., the son of the Doctor) has been cast as Alfred Pennyworth, described as an ex-marine from East London. Normally, when we think of Alfred, we think of the elderly butler. However, at 49 years of age, Pertwee is a long way from elderly. Now, granted, we've still got at least about 10 years before Bruce would don the cape and cowl, so it makes sense that the character wouldn't be as old as he is when Bruce is Batman. However, there's also the possibility that we're going to see an Alfred more akin to his Batman: Earth One counterpart, which would be insanely awesome.


4.) Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle

We're super excited about Bruce Wayne being cast but we're even more excited about Selina Kyle. We're hoping they interact a few times and the seeds of their future on-again, off-again relationship get sown. Also, we rarely—i.e. practically never—get to see what takes place in Bruce Wayne's younger years between the death of his parents and his decision to become Batman. So, it'll be an all-new area of the mythos to explore.

5.) Donal Logue

He's playing Harvey Bullock, which is definitely awesome, but honestly he could be playing ANYONE and we'd be excited because Donal Logue. He's fantastic in everything he does.

What are your thoughts on Gotham? The TV series, not the... actually, both. What are your thoughts on the upcoming show and the city as a whole? Would you want to live there? Who are you hoping to see on the show? Let us know in the comments!