If you missed the news last week, Batman: The Animated Series is the inspiration for the newest line of action figures from DC Collectibles.

Debuting in 1992, Batman: The Animated Series was a benchmark in modern super hero animation. A show beloved by fans, critics and comic professionals alike, it ran through 1995 before returning again for one final season in 1997 as The New Batman Adventures. Batman: The Animated Series was a critical and commercial success on every level, and played a key role in the development and success of DC Comics’ still thriving animation program.

Drawn largely in a retro style informed by the art of producer Bruce Timm, it’s hard to sum up the importance of the series to comics, animation and fandom. For many fans, the stories told on Batman: The Animated Series are some of the best Batman stories ever told. In any medium.

We thought this was worth celebrating, so to give the action figures a proper launch, we’re devoting much of this week to Batman: The Animated Series here on DCComics.com with a five-day event called “Batman: An Animated Celebration.” From now till the end of the week, look for special features devoted to Batman: The Animated Series and the DC Collectibles action figures, including a look into the development of the figures, thoughts on the show from current Batman writers and artists, interviews, giveaways and a very special Batman: The Animated Series guest on tomorrow’s episode of DC All Access!

We hope you’ll join us for all five days. And note that we said “days.” Everyone knows that the nights around here belong to Batman.