DC All Access returns tomorrow with an all-new episode hosted by the always enthusiastic Tiffany Smith and Blair Herter. We caught up with our two co-hosts while they were shooting this week’s episode and sat them down for a little conversation on all things All Access. Here’s what went down…

Tiffany: I think coming back for more episodes is ridiculously exciting and kind of surreal because getting the job in the first place was pretty surreal. I think we both felt a little like, “What the freak just happened?!”

Blair: Yes, definitely.

Tiffany: Because it’s kind of a dream gig. I mean, it is for me, and for you too, right?

Blair: Yeah, we’ve both hosted a lot of the same kinds of things. Heck, we even both worked at the same network. But we’ve never had a chance to work together. So that is really cool, and to be able to work together on a project that I don’t even feel comfortable calling a project because it definitely doesn’t feel like a job.

I feel like I now feel more comfortable being a part of the show. Last year was kind of difficult for me because I had a hard time not being really awkward and dorky towards all of the artists and writers that I’m a huge fan of. Now I feel like we’re seen more as a part of the inner workings of DC, so now I’m not just awkward Blair. I’m awkward Blair who really likes us a lot, and who we can talk to.

Tiffany: I think last year was a little bit about proving ourselves as fans, and making sure viewers realize that we really are reading the books and that we really are as excited about the characters and storylines as anyone else who’s reading them, or even some of the writers here.

Blair: I think it’s a testament as well to the people who work at DC in that their BS meter is so high that if we were just regular hosts, this probably wouldn’t have worked out. I think they want people who are just as into the work as they are, and that’s why the show feels the way that it does. It’s become more about presenting everything in a way that we know resonates with fans rather than just a run-of-the-mill production, and it’s awesome.

I still get a kick out of it!  We just wrapped our first episode, and we were eating lunch with the rest of the All Access team, and Geoff Johns comes in. He says, “My lunch meeting just canceled, so I’m just going to join you, if that’s all right.”

I’ve know Geoff for like a decade, and I’m still sitting there in disbelief over the fact that I’m working on a show where he can pop in on us any time.

Tiffany: And he told everyone not to pick on me!

Blair: That’s right.

Tiffany: When Geoff Johns says don’t pick on someone—

Blair: You’re good forever.

Tiffany: So coming back for 2014, I’m really excited about getting more access. That’s my first thing. The second thing is Forever Evil. Getting to work on this show, we sometimes find out about things before we’re allowed to talk about them. But now with that storyline getting to where it has, I’m just excited that we finally get to start talking about it with fans.

But by far, the biggest excitement for me this year is going to Comic-Con with DC Comics. As a comic book fangirl, that’s pretty freaking epic. I’m already planning my cosplay.

Blair: I’d echo all of that. But for me, the thing that I’m most excited about and that I hope we focus more and more on in the year ahead is actual fan engagement. It’s like Tiffany said, while we’ve chosen to do this as a profession, we really are just two super lucky DC fans that got picked out of a magic hat to be a part of this show. So my hope is that we can somehow find a way to translate the way that we feel every time we come in to make the show with the fans that are watching the show. Whether that means having more fans on the show, sourcing them for what we should be doing, having live hangouts… Whatever we need to do to get everybody as involved as we are, that to me would be awesome. And I know that the wheels are in motion to make that happen.

Tiffany: That’s what I love about this being a web show. We can play a lot more. We have a lot more flexibility. Even just going on my trip over the holidays where I got to interact with fans in other countries. How many jobs do you get to do where you can go anywhere around the world and find fans of the topic that you’re discussing? It’s amazing to be able to travel and experience that, and going to Comic-Con and getting to be with fans there as well, that’s going to be pretty phenomenal.

Blair: One more thing I think we should work on this year. While we can all agree that Tiffany was the breakout star of DC All Access in 2013, I think the producers might have been really catering to my needs, so I got to meet girls like Caity Lotz and Emily Bett Rickards. I think 2014 should be all about getting Stephen Amell on the show. I think for Tiffany we should have Arrow himself on the show.

Tiffany : I kind of feel like every time someone attractive gets cast in something I’m like, “I’m going to take that interview.”

Blair: So Stephen, let’s get you on!

Catch Tiffany and Blair in action on DC All Access tomorrow. In the meantime, check out the bleep-tastic promo for the show’s return!