We're pretty sure the Dark Knight isn't one to celebrate birthdays, but that isn't going to stop us from celebrating it for him anyway! What now, Batman?! Ha!

... please don't hurt us.

Seriously though, this week's release of Detective Comics #27 celebrates the first appearance of the Caped Crusader, who made his dynamic debut in the original Detective Comics #27 75 years ago. And in all that time, he doesn't seem to have aged a da—okay, okay, fine, we're not going to make that joke again. But we will point out that his awesomeness hasn't diminished one single bit.

If anything, it's grown.

To this day, Batman remains one of the single most popular characters in all of fiction, and stands tall (and mostly shrouded in shadow) as one of DC Entertainment's flagship characters. He's been in numerous films, animated shows, and a slew of best-selling video games. Often imitated, never duplicated, there's simply no other hero like him. Sure there are other street-level heroes sans superpowers, but no one else comes close to approaching Batman's blend of crime fiction, noir, accessibility, and general super hero awesomeness.

Yes, even after all these years, the Dark Knight is still kicking butt, and to celebrate his many years of greatness, we're going to give you 5.2 Reasons Batman Still Thrills at 75!


1. Bat-Vehicles

Unlike many other heroes, Batman lacks the ability to fly, run at fast speeds, or swim underwater with precision and without air. However, while limited to human mobility he may be—limited he is not. He's spent crazy sums of money to create not only a Batmobile but also a Bat-Plane, a Bat-Boat, a Bat-Cycle, and even at one point a Bat-Gyrocopter.

2. Even in Old Age He Literally Still Kicks Ass

As we mentioned, Batman hits 75 this year, but you're only as old as you feel, and when it comes to the Dark Knight, we're pretty sure he'll continue kicking butt for another 75 years—especially when you consider titles like Batman Beyond and the best-selling Dark Knight Returns, which features an older Dark Knight beating the heck out of gangs and super-villains.

3. He Knows How To Take Down Every Other Hero

When it comes to who would win in a fight, most people's money is on Batman. The reason is simple: the man is insanely intelligent (arguably also just, you know, insane) and always prepared. He has contingency plans to take down his closest friends for crying out loud much less his own enemies.


4. Power of Bad-Assery

People say what makes Batman cool is that he has no superpowers. Well, we say he does: the power of being a badass. So many times he has done something so incredible and unbelievable—escaping inescapable traps, beating unbeatable obstacles, solving unsolvable mysteries—and given the simple explanation of, "I'm Batman." But you know what? It's still a reasonable explanation.


5. BA with a Heart of Gold

Here's how cool Batman is: he passes himself off of a loner, as a guy who doesn't care about anything other than justice, but still has a whole family of friends and colleagues that he has taken in over the years and will do anything to protect. Say what you want about how much you like working alone, Batman, but we know the truth. You're just a big softy.

5.1 Greatest. Rogues. Gallery. EVER!!


5.2 He's the Goshdarn Batman!


What makes Batman your favorite comic character? Let us know in the comments below! And be sure to check out Detective Comics #27, on sale now!