As the holidays arrive and the year comes to a close, we thought we’d take a look back at 2013 and commemorate some of the moments that really stood out in the world of DC Entertainment in a two-week series we’re calling “Ten Moments that Mattered.” Some of these moments were happy. Some were sad. They played out in the pages of our comics, on the big and small screen and in the halls of our office. However, all of them made a profound difference in the world of DC Comics and in the hearts and minds of our fans. 2013 was a big year for us, but even in a big year, not all moments are created equal. Here are ten that mattered…

In a year that featured two major Man of Steel character announcements, it would’ve been easy to highlight Batman. However, while seeing Superman and Batman onscreen together will undoubtedly be fun, seeing Wonder Woman appear onscreen could very well be transformative.

Let’s start with the obvious: we’ve never seen Wonder Woman on the big screen before. For millions of fans worldwide, this alone is reason enough to get excited. But let’s delve just a little bit deeper. Whether she’s on her own or fighting as part of the Justice League, Wonder Woman is an amazing character, capable of driving some of the most original, most surprising storylines in modern comics. (There’s a reason she’s come up twice already in this series of moments that matter.)

But Wonder Woman is more than that. She’s an amazingly rich character who has also become a symbol to people, and particularly to women, worldwide. Whether she stands as a symbol signifying the importance of female characters in comics and popular entertainment—in which they’ve always been woefully underrepresented. Whether she’s an overall feminist symbol—a strong, more than capable woman who has stood toe-to-toe with the most powerful people on earth for over 70 years. Whether she’s a symbol of American values and strength—one that’s absolutely essential if we wish to become a gender-equal nation. No matter what she may represent to you, it’s clear that Wonder Woman embodies far more than yet another super hero in yet another blockbuster film. She’s a complex, greatly beloved woman who represents the absolute best of what we as a race have to offer. She’s someone who has inspired women of all ages through generations, and who has the potential to open the door for other female comic book characters to make the leap from page to screen.

The fact that she’ll be portrayed by an exciting new up-and-coming actress alongside two other iconic heroes in a movie that promises to be packed with large-scale excitement and sow the seeds for future DC movies… Well, that’s all just gravy.

Be sure to check again tomorrow for another moment that mattered in 2013.