Kermit the Frog often laments about how it's not easy being green, but that's nothing compared to the lonely life of the world's most powerful super-being. That's right, folks. Superman—the Man of Steel, Big Blue, ol' Heat Vision Eyes—very clearly wants a friend this holiday season.

Don't believe us? Well, guess what: we've got proof. The signs have been there for a while, but recently, as the holiday season draws ever closer, it's become more and more obvious. And since we know how tough it is finding the perfect present for your friends, loved ones and favorite super heroes, we thought we'd let you know the 5.2 Reasons Superman Clearly Wants a Friend for the Holidays!

1. The Fortress of Solitude

Superman named his home the Fortress of Solitude. That's not some pithy, pun-y remark because of its off-the-map location. That's a cry for help, people. He is a lonely, lonely soul cooped up in his home full of collectibles and statues of the people he wants to be friends with. And instead of a billion cats, he has alien animals from across the galaxy.

2. Batman/Superman

The Man of Steel has been teaming up with a lot of various DC Universe heroes lately. Most notably: Batman. Granted, this isn't the first time these two have hung out with one another. Along with titles like this week's Batman/Superman #6, there was World's Finest and previously, Superman/Batman. Clearly Supes let Bruce have top billing this time around in hopes of winning him over. But it's obvious he must desperately want a friend because he's willing to hang out with the grumpiest super hero in comics.

3. Superman/Wonder Woman

This one's a bit different in that Clark and Diana are actually dating, which explains why Superman has been frantically hanging out with everyone lately in hopes of creating some sort of friend group. How weird would it be if she was like, "Well, you met all my friends. When do I get to meet yours?" "Oh, well... I don't... have any." Smart move with Superman/Wonder Woman: keep the relationship busy by battling your multitude of enemies, like Doomsday and General Zod.

4. Justice League

We've all thought about it before: Superman is practically the most powerful being on Earth. Why is he hanging out with the Justice League? Because he wants them to like him. Think about it. Superman’s a humble, farm-raised guy and he’s probably really self-conscious about the whole thing and thinks they all resent him. It's exactly why he's constantly racing the Flash. "See, you're just as fast, if not faster than I am."

5. The Legion of Super-Heroes

How lonely is Superman? The majority of his friends haven't even been born yet. People had to come back in time to hang out with him.

5.1 The Super-Pets

Dressing your dog in a cape is one thing, but this? This is just ridiculous.

5.2 Superman Robots

He built robot friends to keep him company. This pretty much says it all.