Well, we’ve reached the last month of 2013, and the holidays are upon us. But over here at DC Collectibles, we’re not big on waiting until December 25th to unwrap our gifts. That’s why we’re bringing Spoiler Alert back to DCComics.com for a special December edition. It’s like unwrapping a cool new gift months before it’s even in stores. Only the unwrapping takes about a week and we don’t exactly make it easy for you. (Sorry. We’re Scroogey like that.)

Here’s how it works. Below you’ll find a heavily redacted, close-up shot of a brand new DC Collectible. How new? So new that it hasn’t yet been announced or solicited. Take a look at the image and take your best guess as to what you’re seeing below in the comments area. Then visit the DC Collectibles Facebook page tomorrow and the rest of the week for additional images, until the full statue or action figure is revealed on our Facebook page next Monday, 12/9.

Ready for your first look? Here you go…

Hmm… It looks kinda like a melty Frosty the Snowman. Something’s telling us that’s not the right answer though. So what do you think? Place your best guesses below, and good luck!