It’s time for another set of silly stories and foolish pranks in LOONEY TUNES #216!

First, in “Clowning Around”, written by Sholly Fisch and illustrated by Walter Carzon, know-it-all Foghorn Leghorn knows all about clowning, and he’s willing to help Egghead with his new project. Who needs to read that big book the boy’s carrying around? And when the big machine Egghead built starts churning out CLONES instead of clowns, will Foghorn be able to juggle them all?

Then, in “The Birds and the Beaks”, written by Bill Matheny and illustrated by David Alvarez, Foghorn Leghorn ushers Egghead through the trials and tribulations of young love, resulting in trials and tribulations just for Foghorn!

And finally, in “Little Orphan Marvin”, written by Sam Henderson and illustrated by David Alvarez, Marvin the Martian arrives at the farm with plans to conquer the earth! Will Foghorn Leghorn, Miss Prissy, and Chickenhawk be fooled by Marvin’s foolproof disguise?

Don’t miss a moment of fun when LOONEY TUNES #216 arrives in stores tomorrow!