This week's issue of Action Comics #25 marks the start of a new era for the Man of Steel by welcoming the new creative team of writer Greg Pak and artist Aaron Kuder. We've long been fans of Pak—both in terms of his creative output but also just as a person. So, having him working on essentially the most recognizable comic book character in the world is super awesome and exciting. The addition of Kuder only sweetens the already sugary delicious deal.

We've been fans of Kuder ever since we saw his issue of Legion Lost, which led to us standing around gawking at the pages and freaking out about his sense of layout, style, emotion and body language, and ability to bring so much motion to static images. Normally with our weekly column, we rant and rave about what exactly we love, but with Kuder, the art speaks for itself.

Check out these gorgeous 5.2 Reasons We Love Aaron Kuder!


1. This Awesome Page Layout from Action #25


2. Orion Uppercutting the Hell out of this Monster



3. Variant Cover to Superman/Wonder Woman #1