SPOILER ALERT: The following contains plot points from Saturday’s Batman Beyond 2.0 #7. Read at your own risk!

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Welcome back, Beyonders! If you’re reading this, you already know that Batman is back and he’s ready for a rematch with his newest nemesis—Rewire!

I thought I’d use this week’s Beyond the Scenes to take another look at a couple of key scenes that brought us to this point. For this expert analysis, I’m bringing in Batman Beyond 2.0 scribe Kyle Higgins!

Kyle, what was your thought process behind the scene when Terry wakes up alone in the Batcave, with the suit fixed seemingly by Bruce Wayne? Do you think part of Terry wanted to go up and talk to the old man? 

Kyle Higgins: First, I love, love, love silent pages. And with Thony's wonderful storytelling abilities, the moment of Terry waking up in a strange but familiar place... and then realizing that Bruce had—despite Terry's best efforts—interjected himself, felt like it could be really powerful if played silent. And I think Terry's reaction when he looks up the stairwell says everything we need to know.

The scene between Terry and Dick later in the chapter seems to be a pivotal movement between the two characters. Can you give us some more insight on this conversation? 

KH: This is a scene that I've had in mind for as long as I've been planning the arc (as you can probably tell, with the way Dick frames both Davis and Terry's journeys here). However, it wasn't until the scripting phase that I found the right sentiment. While Dick speaks frankly to Terry, we can tell he's coming from a place of genuine concern and—just as important—first hand experience. To me, the fact that Dick has gone through a lot of the emotional things that Terry is facing now is something that we're going to continue to explore as the series moves forward. It's one of the things that makes the dynamic between Terry and Dick so much fun and—dare I say—puts the 2.0 in Batman Beyond!

Well said, Mr. Higgins! I hope to see you all back in two weeks for the final chapter of this story arc! But before then, don’t miss a new chapter of Justice League Beyond 2.0 this Saturday!

See you in the Beyond!