ALL-STAR WESTERN #24 finds Jonah Hex out of Arkham Asylum and in modern times. But he wasn’t discharged under normal circumstances, and he has kidnapping and murder on his record. Is Hex another Gotham City hero? The public seems to look the other way when it comes to killing a few gang members …

Now, with a single bullet, Hex stops a man on a public rampage. But this is outside Batman’s range of influence, where vigilante justice isn’t justified. Will the judge throw the book at Hex, or can Bruce Wayne bankroll the outlaw out of the spotlight? Or is Hex headed back to Arkham Asylum?

Either way, bars won’t hold this time-travelling Wild West bounty hunter! There’s gold in the desert and that’s just where Jonah Hex is headed. How much trouble can he stir up in his old stomping grounds? And just how much have things changed since the 19th century? 

Guest-starring John Constantine, ALL-STAR WESTERN #24 is written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray and features art by Moritat. Look for the issue when it hits stores tomorrow.