Welcome back to the 25 Days of Sandman! All week we’ve been sharing stories and moments from the artists that brought the world of The Endless to visual reality.

The final question we asked them was “Which Character from THE SANDMAN Do You Most Associate With?”

Check out what they have to say below. The answers are not all what you’d expect! Of course, Morpheus is the rock star of THE SANDMAN, but many other characters have seeped into the hearts of many.

Now we ask you, the fans, to share which character from The Sandman you most associate with in the comments below.


“Delirium would be the most appropriate character to associate with that night's endeavors...” – Steve Leialoha


“Lucien the Librarian, my dream job.” – Todd Klein


“Delirium. Doesn't everybody?” – Bryan Talbot

“I suppose I'd have to pick Destruction, who just walked off to live his own way and make stuff. Otherwise, I think I'm a  lot like Thessaly.” –Colleen Doran


“Of the Endless I would have to say that Dream is the one I most associate with as he is so woven into my own story.” – Lovern Kindzierski


“In my 20's it was probably Desire, in my 30's Dream, in my 40's Death, I'm working through them, maybe Delirium is a good way to spend my 50's.” – Dave McKean


“Death. She's very rock n roll as well as being the perfect antidote to the fear of dying.” – Mike Allred


“Morpheus.” – Charles Vess


“Morpheus. Long before I began working on Sandman I was working with sleeping and dreams as subject matter, so it was a natural. Also, he has cool clothes.” – P. Craig Russell


“Delirium, my mind wanders....” – Vince Locke


“In my youth Morpheus, skinny goth with spiky long black hair. Sadly these days I'm more like Merv, cos my head looks like a pumpkin.” – Dean Ormston


“Of the seven Endless, I probably associate most with the moody Lord of Stories himself.” – Gary Amaro


“Morpheus/Sandman.”  – George Pratt