Welcome to our third week of 25 Days of Sandman, our celebration of all things Endless here on VertigoComics.com.

Whether it’s a memorable arc or a standout single issue, we all have our favorite Sandman stories. Of course, the great thing about The Sandman is that those favorite stories are rarely the same. With such a broad setting and huge cast, The Sandman touched on so many themes, and those themes were as nuanced and diverse as humanity itself. It’s little wonder that what resonates most with you may be much different than what resonates with me, or with your sister or brother, or with the fan across the comic shop aisle. It’s one of the things that makes The Sandman so remarkable.

We recently asked fans to post their favorite Sandman stories on the Vertigo Facebook page for a chance to win the first two volumes of The Annotated Sandman. Here were the two Sandman stories the winners chose as their favorites…


“Issue 50 - Ramadan. Great story. Love P. Craig Russell's art.”

Michael P.
Cumming, GA

“Ramadan” was part of the “Distant Mirrors” quartet, a series of stand-alone issues focusing on rulers and what it means to wield authority. “Ramadan” is set in the Middle East and drawn and lettered in an Arabic-style.



“Seasons of Mist! It shows the best of the series, especially Morpheus/Dream’s character development. Plus the sudden bombshell of Lucifer leaving Hell and giving the key to Dream, the bidding in the halls of Dreamland that follows... a large portion of the best of Sandman is concentrated in this arc!”

Joseph M.
Flint, MI

“Seasons of Mist” is not only one of the definitive Sandman storylines, but the collected edition, Sandman vol. 4, is considered a landmark graphic novel and work of modern fantasy. In addition, its memorable storyline has formed the basis for other Sandman projects, including Jill Thompson’s manga-styled Sandman spinoff, Death: At Death’s Door.

Please note that our winners for this giveaway were chosen randomly—their actual choices didn’t influence the giveaway at all. However, we think they’re worth celebrating, and certainly worth reading, if you haven’t already.

What are your favorite Sandman stories? Feel free to share them below.