Jeff Lemire debuted a new character, John Diggle, in GREEN ARROW #24. The timing is perfect, as Arrow premiere's its second season tonight, October 9 on the CW, with an established Diggle of its own, played by actor David Ramsey.

Lemire and Ramsey recently spoke together for the first time about their experiences bringing Diggle to their respective mediums.        

“On the show, there’s a place for Diggle to a certain degree because we do try to ground it in reality.” Ramsey told GAMMA SQUAD. “I think Diggle stands out on his own; he’s good with martial arts, he’s an expert at recon, I think that we’ll see in the Arrow universe Diggle handle himself even more outside of Oliver. I think there’s going to be a place for that, particularly in television.”

“That’s exactly why he works in the comic as well.” Lemire continued. “The universe is so fantastic, he almost becomes this everyman character. That’s really valuable to me in the comic. He’s not the kind of guy who would ever put on a costume or a mask, but he can hold his own with any of them, and that’s what makes him so badass.”   

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If you haven’t already picked up a copy, GREEN ARROW #24 is in stores now.