Welcome back for another installment of Preview Monday! This week, we’re giving you exclusive first looks at NIGHTWING #24 and ASTRO CITY #5.

In “Buyer’s Remorse,” Nightwing has to choose between payback and justice when Tony Zucco lands back in Chicago. Will Nightwing accept Zucco’s offer to help him stop the Prankster? Does Zucco really know what the Prankster is up to? And will Nightwing be able to look beyond his own vendetta long enough to save Chicago? Don’t miss NIGHTWING #24, written by Kyle Higgins and illustrated by Will Conrad, when it hits the shelves on Wednesday.

At first glance, “Thumbtacks & Yarn” seems to be only telling half a story at a time. But, look closer at the clues that the Broken Man is investigating. Are the stories connected? The Blasphemy Boys, Lord Saampa, and Dame Progress all have pins on the board. What do a retired government worker, a paratrooper lost in the Indian jungle, and a steampunk heroine all have in common? Written by Kurt Busiek and featuring art by Brent Anderson and a cover by Alex Ross, ASTRO CITY #5 lands in stores this week.