LOONEY TUNES #215 is all-ACME, all-the-time!  

In “Buy, Buy, Birdie,” Daffy the ACME Salesduck won’t take “no” for an answer with his special no-money-down, pay-through-the-nose offers! His countless surefire sales techniques are sure to win anyone over. Anyone except an evil scientist, eager to return to his fiendish experiment! The maniacal man leads Daffy through a booby-trapped castle to get rid of him. How will Daffy’s sales techniques hold up against a castle of antics?

Next, in “$ales Farce,” ACME is back with gags a-plenty. Daffy and Porky are sure to get a chuckle with their tried-and-true hand buzzers or packages of sneezing powder. But when the tricks are put to the test, who laughs last?

Finally, in “Mighty Insure of Himself,” Insurance Salesduck Daffy puts his stupendous salesmanship to the test against Super Genius Wile E. Coyote! Using every ACME gadget in the catalog, Wile E. Coyote leads Daffy through one hurdle after another while the insurance bill skyrockets!

From writers Sholly Fisch and Earl Kress and featuring art by Robert Pope, Scott McRae, Omar Aranda, Alberto Saichann, David Alvarez, and Mike DeCarlo, LOONEY TUNES #215 arrives on stands today.