Welcome to the other side of Villains Month. Yes, the villain-centric titles are behind us, but if you thought that meant things were going to get easier for our poor heroes, think again. For starters, the Crime Syndicate is still pretty much running the entire freakin’ planet, and with the Secret Society backing them and the Justice League nowhere to be seen, it’s clear that Ultraman, Superwoman, Owlman and the rest are here to stay.

And say…speaking of Owlman, do you think The Court of Owls on Earth 3 is called The Court of Bats? And is there an evil John Stewart, Kyle Rayner or Simon Baz version of Green Lantern along with the Hal Jordan-like Power Ring? And who else is bummed that the Earth 3 version of Aquaman didn’t make it past the end of “Trinity War?” We can’t be the only ones, right? The guy steps out of the doorway looking all bearded, gnarled and awesome...and then drops dead?! So not fair!!! Maybe now that Black Hand is back in the picture, he can raise him from the dead and then we'll get an evil zombie version of the evil Aquaman, which would be even awesomer! And even eviler. And, um… Let’s just get back to the Roundup, shall we?

Yes, FOREVER EVIL #2 hits stores tomorrow! Can the Teen Titans succeed where the Justice League failed? You might not want to place any bets on that one…

Of course, with the Crime Syndicate running rampant on Earth, the thought of fleeing the planet for the safety of outer space may have crossed your mind, especially if you happen to be packing a Green Lantern ring. Well, you may want to channel your will into putting that foolish thought aside because with “Lights Out,” the new Green Lantern crossover beginning this week in GREEN LANTERN #24, space is anything but safe. Relic (whom was last seen in a stage-setting Villains Month one-shot) is determined to bring down the Lantern Corps. All of them. But there’s much more to this mad mission than you may think. If you’re a Lantern fan or just love brightly-colored things that glow (and we listen to dance radio — we know there are a lot of you out there), the stakes have never been higher! Don’t miss out.

All of this, plus new issues of Green Arrow, Detective Comics, Earth 2, Batman: Black and White and Action Comics. Also, you absolutely DO NOT want to overlook Vertigo this week. Wednesday marks the debut of the highly anticipated Hinterkind, along with the latest issue of Jeff Lemire’s Trillium, the finale of “The Return of the Maharaja” in Fairest, and the release of Vertigo’s latest anthology, The Witching Hour!

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