Welcome back for another installment of Preview Monday! This week, we’re giving you exclusive first looks at EARTH 2 #16 and FAIREST #20!

The war against Steppenwolf is over! In ‘To The Victor,’ the Hunger Dogs and Steppenwolf are all that remains of Darkseids’ army from Apokolips … but they’ve also defeated every last soldier in the World Army. Is all hope lost for Earth 2? Only the Wonders of America remain, and they’re ready for a fight! Written by James Robinson and illustrated by Nicola Scott and Trevor Scott, EARTH 2 #16 hits shelves on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, ‘The Return of the Maharaja’ concludes in FAIREST #20. Charming finally faces off with the Master of the Dhole in some hand-to-hand combat. But it’s Nalayani to the rescue when Charming ends up in another fight of his life! Also, Nathoo is rewarded for his loyalty to his Maharaja. Will this humble servant accept his gift? And will this lead to a return to Fabletown for Charming? The results of Charming’s decisions will ripple through the FABLES universe! Written by Sean E. Williams and featuring art by Stephen Sadowski, Jose Marzan, Jr., Phil Jimenez, and Meghan Hetrick, FAIREST #20 will be available in stores this Wednesday.