Following the harrowing events of “Trinity War,” the Justice League Dark is presumed to be dead.

In the aftermath of this crossover event, a totally defeated John Constantine awakens to find the world burning and ponders whether or not that’s such a bad thing anymore. Is this world really worth saving? He’ll have to decide quickly because a growing evil may force him back into the game, whether he wants to or not.

Above, take a look at a spread from JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #24 by series artist Mikel Janin that features Constantine fighting his own inner demons. Literally. Will he make it out unscathed? And who will form the all-new Justice League Dark?

JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #24 also serves as the inaugural issue of new series writer J.M. DeMatteis, whose bringing decades of mystical character experience to this fan-favorite series. Don’t miss the issue when it lands in stores on October 23rd.

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