It’s time for another edition of Caption This!, the monthly game from DC Collectibles where we give you the picture, and you give us the (hopefully far less than a thousand) words.

It may be Villains Month, but it’s also fall. Which means that like many of you, we’re busy building our fantasy leagues. And let’s just say that draft time around here gives new meaning to the term cutthroat, especially when our new Crime Syndicate action figures get involved…

Click on the photo for a closer look. Let's see, we have Black Manta, Bane, Darkseid, always an excellent choice--

Wait a minute! No one’s picked Doomsday yet? Yeesh! Is it too late for us to get in on this draft? Well, it’s certainly not too late for you to come up with a caption. Just post it below in the comments. Then “like” your favorite captions so they rise to the top of the list!